From pitch decks to Product, I’ve helped startups tell their story, align founder vision with market opportunities, and conduct user research to inform direction


We’ve heard of “zero to one”, but rarely hear of designing from “-1 to 1”. After operating for 5+ years without a designer — and accruing deep design debt — I was brought in as the first designer for a SaaS cybersecurity training coding platform with flat growth.

In addition to fixing critical P0 usability issues, I focused on the incremental redesign of the product to (1) help new users successfully onboard and discover product value on their own; (2) nudge existing users to re-engage and develop good learning habits month-over-month.

See how the app looked before: admin dashboard, training plan overview


B2B Cybersecurity


“-1 to 1” Product designer


Constrained by the pre-existing IA and functionality, I polished the UI to align the founders’ early prototype with their vision of creating a minimal, lightweight project management app for engineering teams. I developed the foundational component-based design system with support for light and dark modes




UI design; design system

AI/ML data labeling startup

After 3+ years of accumulated design debt, I was brought in as the first designer for two products: an iOS data labeling app, and a B2B customer portal for managing labeling projects.

Even with the pressure to build fast, I helped to quickly ship high-priority features while incrementally (re)building the design foundation — from careful documentation of interaction patterns to a systems-level playbook that captured product principles and a cohesive design system.

We did not skimp on research either. I planned and conducted rigorous discovery interviews that identified pain points, and exposed blind spots that challenged assumptions about first principles and reshaped the product flow.


Biomedical AI/ML


Solo “-1 to 1” Product designer


iOS app; B2B web platform

affinity map


I worked with the founding team to transform the formerly nondescript Wordpress prototype into an experience that evoked “local and hand-crafted” for Smallknot — a platform for investing in local businesses.


Local/SMB fundraising


Design strategy; UI design